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Welcome to One Click Technology!

Welcome to One Click Technology!

Welcome to One Click Technology!

Call Center Outsourcing

As a leading outsourced call center provider, we offer unlimited inbound and outbound calling services. Our team of US-based virtual receptionists and professional call agents provide the highest levels of customer service available.

Today’s call center must be able to integrate multiple services, multiple systems, and multiple data sources to provide a seamless one-window facility to the customer. Traditional ACD technology alone is, therefore, not sufficient to offer the advanced services required by today’s customers. EN-TECH solves today’s call center puzzle which is an integrated platform with a wide array of call handling and contact management solutions. It offers all the tools and combines the power of telecommunications with corporate database systems to deliver powerful call control capabilities to enterprises, whether they are customer support call centers, a 24-hour Helpline, help desks within a corporation, or businesses seeking to differentiate through enhanced customer service.

Outsource Services

  • Customer Care / Helpline.
  • Complaint Center / Feedback.
  • Tele-Marketing / Tele-Sales (Outbound)
  • Management Information / Customer Feedback (In-Bound)
  • Inbound Call Center.
  • Outbound Call Center.
  • Cold Calling Call Center Services.
  • Hot Calling Call Center Services
  • Lead Generation Services.
  • E-mail & Chat Support.

En-Tech serves as the means through which the organization can create and maintain long-term business relationships with its customers while providing service satisfaction through its representatives. It is also a source of telemarketing and product information for customers. Hence, the role of the EN-Tech Agent is one of the most important elements in our team and business operations.

Outsourcing Methodology

Based on the requirements of EN-TECH’s Client, our project outsourcing methodology is initiated in these ways:

    • Trained Agents with attractive voice and speaking skills
    • Live Share Calls and Agents Performance Reports
    • Skilled IT professionals.
    • The latest furnished infrastructure.
    • The Proven offshore outsourcing model
    • Multi-cultural & Multi-location
    • Domain knowledge
    • Flexible to work with the needs of the client
    • Speed & agility (response time)
    • Minimal turn-around time for issue resolution.
    • Quick turnaround time
    • Satisfied clients globally
    • Consistent growth & performance
    • Proximity to skilled manpower source
    • Establishment work execution & delivery process
    • Competitive pricing

Call Center Outsourcing Features


We do understand the seriousness and need of ensuring the security, privacy, and confidentiality of your client’s information, and thus we are committed to the security of the client’s data. The Client’s data and information are protected by firewalls that control network connectivity and are sophisticated enough to ensure the integrity of the system.

  • Call Center Supervisor and Agent Interfaces
  • Quality Control with Live Monitoring
  • Detailed Call Center Dashboard
  • Configure unlimited agents in the call center.​
  • Detailed Call Center Reporting tools
  • Live Call Recordings
  • Abandoned and Dropped Call Reports
  • Recording messages
  • Integrate with CRM
  • Auto SMS
  • Working Codes through CRM
  • Agents Productivity Reports
  • ROBO Calls Reports with Status
  • Call Center Wallboard with Agents Stats
  • Login/Logoff and Break Timings Report
  • Live Monitoring of Queue Calls
  • Softphone Integration with CRM
  • Off-time Call Summary
  • Promote your Business and Products through Call Center Services